Boost your iPad to the most
dedicated AAC iPad ever!

Welcome to the

The Rehadapter™

The technological progress of consumer devices has made tablets like the iPad ready for serious AAC tasks. Let us show you how an iPad can be your next speech generating device.

The Rehadapter™ is ready for every AAC task –
whenever you need it

The Rehadapter™ seamlessly transforms the iPad into a dedicated AAC device.
It has everything you would expect from the top performing AAC devices on the market:

  • clear and loud sound
  • connections for eye trackers, keyguards, switches
  • a kickstand for quick positioning
  • maximum portability
  • and a built-in universal device connector for the most advanced mounting system on the market
  • and all this comes within one protective enclosure

Combined with the iPad’s bandwidth of apps, the Rehadapter™ offers endless possibilities for AAC users. It is the only case on the market to offer this level of flexibility, technology, and ease of use. The Rehadapter™ is designed for all-day communication while at home, at school or travelling.

Choose your Rehadapter™,
because now more than ever…. we hold your independence.

Are you searching for a proper mounting solution?

Your Rehadapter is out-of-the-box ready to be connected
with the most comprehensive mounting ecosystem on the market.
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